(Ac module) - Loom Solar 350 watt mono panel

(Ac module) - Loom Solar 350 watt mono panel

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Product Summary

Loom solar launches first time in India, Solar AC Module i.e. you can run your home appliances such as Fan, Television, Refrigerator, Air-cooler, Air Conditioner during the day directly from solar without Inverters, Batteries. The Solar AC module is designed to make every home solar powered in Metro city, big towns, Capital cities without hassles. 

Note: It does not work when there is power failure


Loom Solar

Panel Rating (Input)

350 Watts / Mono Crystalline

Working Time

During the day (9 am – 5 pm)

Performance Warranty

25 Years


1 Panel : Lighting load : fan, television, refrigerator, lights

4 Panel: Power Load : Air conditioner