AMSTRAD Split AC, Inverter, 1.0T, 3 Star AM133Dr

AMSTRAD Split AC, Inverter, 1.0T, 3 Star AM133Dr



  • Three-star Inverter AC
  • 100% COPPER COIL
  • Cooling at 60°C ambient
  • Metal Enclosure for PCB
  • Operating voltage range from 130v to 270v
  • 10 years warranty on compressor
  • Environment-friendly refrigerant R32
  • Smart service solutions
  • Comfort sleep
  • Eco Mode
  • Hidden display

Hidden air outlet gap 0.5nn->0mm

Elegant appearance with hidden air outlet gap that prevents dust from entering through the aperature.

Japanese style, visual thickness 145mm

The indoor unit designed with the front and rear two-stage suspension, making the body float gently on the wall.

Labyrinth PCB cooling radiator 2H rainstorm simulation

Outdoor inverter electric control box uses labyrinth design and proved by 2H rainstorm simulation test. It won’t get wet even on the typhoon day.

Hidden density filter. Fitler efficiency ↑20%

The fixed filter is strengthened, making it more suitable for air conditioner and avoiding dust.