Luminous 10 kw on grid solar system

Luminous 10 kw on grid solar system

₹1,050,000.00 Regular Price
₹600,000.00Sale Price

Product summary

Luminous presents on gird solar system to save electricity bills. It is a recommended solution for homes, offices, factories, shops where electricity tariff is very high. 10 kw system generates 50 units electricity per day and saves ₹ 15,000 electricity bills in a month. It occupies 1,000 sq feet rooftop space in installation.

  • 50 units generation per day
  • money back in 4.5 years with ₹15,000 electricity bill saving per month
  • price inclusive of Installation exclusive of net metering 

Inverter - 10 kw

Solar Panels - 10 kWp (325 watt * 30 nos.)