Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

GLOSUN Hybrid Solar Intelligent AC is specially designed with a five-star rating, which runs on solar energy. This AC works like conventional systems. The only difference is, conventional systems work on the electricity grid, whereas Hybrid Solar has three power options.

  1. Work on Solar power

  2. Work With a battery bank

  3. Work With Electricity grid

First priority, Hybrid Solar AC will run on Solar power and at the same time the solar panel will charge the battery bank. The solar battery bank is useful when sun is not available and solar panels are not generating electricity. If power from battery bank is also not sufficient, the Hybrid Solar Air conditioner will automatically switch over to electricity grid.


  • Can work without the main grid

  • Work on both solar power and electricity grid

  • Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner is low maintenance.

  • Zero electricity bill and save up to 100%

  • Eco-Friendly system

Solar DC Air Conditioner

Salient Features :

  • Off-grid Operation (100% solar energy)

  • Can work 100% by solar panels. 100% Energy saving

  • The complete system is driven by 48V DC (Compressor, Fan motor, control system, etc)

  • 4 X 12 V deep cycle batteries as energy bank for overnight operation

  • 48V DC permanent magnet compressors

  • 48V directive current brushless indoor and outdoor fan motors.

  • Lowest energy consumptions: 570 watts per hour only for 12,000 BTU(cooling)

  • Lowest energy loss, EER > 6

  • R134A, R410A, CFC free refrigerant, eco-friendly

Solar DC Air conditioner works on a full DC system which combines photovoltaic technology (PV) with direct current(DC).

Solar DC Air Conditioner is 3 IN 1

  • DIrect current PV – DC

  • Direct battery – DC

  • Alternative Power

  • AC/DC safety, reliability, economical and rainwater tightness

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